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YouTube Video from Elevation Church

I have had an interesting year... to say the least. I had been feeling terribly hopeless and withdrawn and then stumbled upon this video on YouTube. It lifted my spirits, after a very therapeutic cry and some self-reflection and journaling.

I want to be clear- This podcast is not meant to preach (though sometimes I know I totally can sound preachy LOL I'm very self-aware of that) or convert you to a specific religion at all! I am Catholic Lasallian with Catholic parents, a Buddhist grandma and atheist or agnostic friends. I know that this sermon is based in Christianity so if you don't identify, please feel free to skip over this blog post. No offense taken at all :)

I am only hoping that by spreading this particular message, it can help someone, even if it's one person, who is feeling down. That's what my faith is rooted in - helping others, serving others and the overall well-being of Earth and everyone on it. I hope you can understand.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

With love,


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