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TV Shows and Movies you can watch right now!

Looking for something to watch? I have some recommendations for you. I have highlighted a few, but have included the full list below.

1883 (Paramount+) This is one of my favorites! It is one where I couldn't wait for the next episode to stream!!! If you are not aware, it is the prequel to Yellowstone and is about the Dutton Family, although you can watch as a stand alone series. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play James and Margaret Dutton, husband and wife(so impressed by their performances). They have a young son and spirited daughter Elsa, played incredibly by Isabel May, who narrates the story with such beauty. Sam Elliot plays Shee Brennan, a tough, saddened cowboy. Together they embark on a perilous journey, leading a group of immigrants through the Great Plains to get to Montana & Oregon in hopes of a better future. A very moving limited TV series that left me gutted.

This Is Us (NBC/Peacock/Hulu) A generational story about the Pearson’s. We learn about the lives of Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their triplets, Randall, Kate and Kevin. Told in different time periods. We get to see how important relationships, memories and moments are and how we are impacted by them. This Emmy winning series has me laughing and crying with every episode. This is their final season. Don’t miss it! I have a podcast episode on Season 6 Episodes 1-5. Link below.

Euphoria (HBO Max)

This polarizing show is not for everyone, but it ranks number 2 on HBO as the most watched show behind Game of Thrones! This show definitely pushes the boundaries. This series follows a group of teen navigating life in a world of drug, sex and trauma.Be forewarned that his series is very graphic and meant for mature audiences. Although this show is hard to watch, I appreciated some of the performances. Zendaya is phenomenal as Rue, a drug addict struggling to stay clean. She won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for this role in 2019. Wouldn’t be surprised if she won again this year. Her performance is raw, real and heartbreaking.

Marry Me (Peacock)

Looking for a Rom-Com? Watch Marry Me with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. JLo plays popstar Kat Valdez, who is about to marry her fiance on National TV, but learns he cheated on her moments before the ceremony (who cheats on Jlo?)! She makes an impulsive decision to marry a stranger in the audience, played by Owen Wilson who was only there to chaperone his daughter. We soon find out if opposite lifestyle can make it work. Fun, cute, light movie!

TV Shows and Limited Series:

1883 (Paramount+)

This is Us Season 6

Peacemaker (Disney+)

Servant Season 3 (AppleTV)

Ozark Season 4 (Netflix)

Resident Alien Season 2 (Syfy)

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The lady In The Window (Netflix)

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules (E! Online)

The Real Dirty Dancing (Fox)

Euphoria Season 2 (HBOMax)

The Gilded Age (HBOMax)

Love is Blind Season 2 (Netflix)


Marry Me (Peacock)

The Last Duel (HBOMax)

Nobody (HBOMax)

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (HBOMax)

*No Exit (Hulu)

*Antlers (HBOMax)

**The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Netflix)

*Watchable, but predictable

**Not recommended



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