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The Walking Dead, TV & Movie reveals @ SDCC 2021!!

One of the biggest pop culture events occurred virtually this weekend. San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) was held July 23-25th, 2021 with their @ home edition, just as it was last year, due to Covid-19. Previews and trailers of highly anticipated movies and TV shows were released as part of the event. What is nice about the home edition is that it is free and you can watch the panels at your leisure. Be sure to check out your favorites.

Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve, premieres October 22nd! Love me some Timothy Chalamet and Zendaya! Then there's Momoa, Bautista, Ferguson, Brolin and more. So excited to catch this one in theatres or on HBOmMax.

American Rust premieres September 12th on Showtime. With Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney, a cop drama about how far a police chief will go for the women he loves when her son is accused of murder.

You can catch news and trailers on Dexter, Lucifer, Star Trek: Prodigy and more, here:


The highlight for me was the The Walking Dead!!! I am dreading that this is the final season of the flagship show, but I'm trying to soak everything in and enjoy every minute that we have with this series. All SDCC panels were moderated by Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick. I was able to watch all three panels (cast and showrunners) and you can too! Premiere dates, highlights, trailers and panel links below.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD returns 10/17/21!!

We learned Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia) will make your directorial debut with an episode of FTWD. Alycia feels that Morgan's character has had the most influence on Alicia as she continues to be a reluctant leader. Strand had a revelation in the Season 6 finale and will follow his own instinct and be his authentic self in S7. Morgan and Grace are living a new kind of life with baby Morgan after surviving the nuclear blast. Scott Gimple is coy about crossovers from the other shows, but he says it is possible.

TWD: WORLD BEYOND returns 10/3/21, after TWD!!!

This final second season will offer clues that bring the worlds and shows together.

It will help fill in story gaps and knowledge and become more intense as the episodes go on. Hope and Iris will continue to be strong apart from each other and although there may be moments of sibling rivalry, they are family and remain steadfast in their purpose.

TWD: World Beyond S2 Trailer:

THE WALKING DEAD returns 8/22!! The Final Season begins.

Each episode will be followed by an episode of The Talking Dead. There will be three sections of the final season 11A, 11B, 11C. Showrunner, Angela Kang, teases a big massive scope-y extravaganza for season 11, with new stories and characters. She states that the Reapers are a brutal, organized, skilled group that will be a formidable enemy, which has me scared for our group. New characters for Season 11 include, Michael James Shaw, as Mercer. Laila Robbins will play Pamela Milton, Josh Hamilton, all from the Commonwealth and Ritchie Coster will join in an unnamed role. Norman Reedus feels that Daryl has definitely evolved since Season 1. He has taken pieces from the people he has learned from and it has shaped who he is. It made me teary eyed when he spoke about Rick and Herschel and he often wonders what they would think about current conditions. Norman says its crazy to play a character so long. It starts to blend into your real life. Check out the trailer and the panel below!

The Walking Dead S11 Trailer:

The Walking Dead Panel @ SDCC

I really enjoy listening to the cast and showrunners of my favorite TV show and watching the trailers of some of the highly anticipated shows and movies. I hope you enjoy the panels and trailers that I've highlighted here, as much as I did.

We will continue our bi-weekly podcast on The Walking Dead, so be sure to follow wherever you get your podcast and subscribe (for free) to our website.

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