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The Walking Dead Season 11 midseason finale recap and reaction

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

SPOILERS AHEAD on The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16 "The Acts Of God"

I just read that this is the last midseason finale The Walking Dead will ever have and I had to soak that in. Sigh......... Here are some of the highlights and my reaction to what happened in the latest episode.

Lance Hornsby is power-hungry, relentless, and a jerk! He hires Leah to kill Maggie and bring proof. When that doesn't happen he takes over Alexandria, Hill Top, and Oceanside and flips a coin to determine the resident's fate!!

There were some badass moments in this midseason finale with Daryl, Aaron, and Father Gabriel taking out the troopers and fighting the walkers. Isn't it amazing how far some of these characters have come? Father Gabriel is unrecognizable. Aaron a killing machine. Daryl has had some badass moments this whole season, especially in part 2, and seeing him protect his family in the finale was not surprising. I have to say it came to me last week, that It could be Daryl that kills Leah and that is exactly who it was. You can hear my thoughts on this in episode 149 which drops Tuesday, 4/12/22. Just click "Podcast" in the top left hand corner and it will bring you to all the episodes.

The Leah and Maggie moments were intense. I worried for Maggie, in the woods, even though I know she is in the spinoff ! I appreciated seeing their hand to hand combat although, I wondered how Leah got the upper hand after being shot in the leg and then I was surprised that Maggie was provoking Leah as she was tied up in the chair, but maybe that was to allow enough time for her to get herself out of the ropes? When Leah had Maggie on the floor, punching her and pulling the knife to stab her, it reminded me of all the times Rick was in a similar situation. Why do our leaders always get the crap beat out of them?? Right then, Leah is shot in the Daryl.....her once love interest. Did he give it a second thought? No! He is protecting Maggie, his family. They escape Hornsby and his troopers, but not before Daryl shoots Hornsby, as the bullet grazes Lance's face.

What about that scene with Maggie and Negan? Maggie needs to keep Herschel safe and Lydia leads the group to a Whisperer hiding place where Negan, Annie, and their group are hiding. Maggie talks with Negan and Annie, asking them to watch over her son. Maggie tells Negan that she will never forget that he saved Herschel at Riverbend. Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie, makes it clear she is not BFF with Negan and why Lauren hated Maggie's big moment. I appreciated that little Herschel is not a fan of Negan, at this point. It feels very realistic, for a boy to resent the man that took his father's life.

What about Max and the rest of our group at The Commonwealth? Wasn't it interesting when Max asked Pamela Milton to use the extra money they found to provide scholarships to the underserved community and Pamela glosses over it and says that the money needs to stay in the "events" bucket? Did that discussion have a bearing on Max's decision to steal the documents? OMG! It was so intense when Sebastian almost caught her, but thankfully, she was able to get the documents to the group and Connie now has the information and proof she needs to write the article exposing the corruption with a headline that read "Pamela Milton is lying to you". The confrontation with The Commonwealth is brewing.

I have more thoughts but look for podcast episode 150 on Season 11 Episode 16 next Tuesday, 4/19/22 where we will dig in and break it down.

This was an amazing episode and while I am so sad that we only have one part left in this season and show, I am excited to see what happens.

Check out this article on the loose ends being tied up in the final part of The Walking Dead:

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