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Open your eyes........

Heartbreaking words to hear on The Walking Dead S10 E7.

**Spoiler Alert** If you have not seen the latest episode, do not read any further.

I am still reeling from what happened between these two and I am upset about Siddiq's death. I had no idea this was coming and was thoroughly shocked when I came to realize he wasn't getting up from the floor. I had grown fond of Siddiq. I found him to be a genuine, kind, brave, humble person. He reminded me so much of Glenn. Loyal, strategic, striving for peace. The Whisperers killed Enid, his protege and now killed him, the community doctor. What are they going to do and what about baby Coco? He had high hopes of being a good dad and was proud to have had a baby with Rosita. Now, she will only hear the stories of how smart and brave her daddy was. Carl made a good choice in welcoming Siddiq into the group. He was instrumental in building the community in Alexandria. I hope Rosita figures out Dante's true colors, quickly before anyone else gets hurt. His last words to Siddiq were close your eyes. Dante is one bad dude and needs to go!!


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