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The Walking Dead News!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Did you hear? The Walking Dead show is ending after season 11 in 2022!!!

Feeling a little crushed!!


  • There will be a spin off with Carol and Daryl's characters (2023).

  • Season 11 will contain 24 episodes!!

  • We can still look forward to 6 additional episodes of season 10 (2021).

  • There are still the films with Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in the works.

  • We can still watch Fear The Walking Dead & The Walking Dead: The World Beyond

  • Also, new series developing called Tales Of The Walking Dead, episodic anthology.

  • Our podcast episodes will resume on TWD shows on 10/13/2020!

Check out links below for more information:

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Diana and Brooke

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