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New episodes uploaded to our SoundCloud!

Hi all,

We posted three new episodes to our SoundCloud (

-Why We Started This Podcast

-Episode 1: The Walking Dead, S1 E1 & 2

-Episode 2: The Walking Dead, S1 E3 & 4

We are waiting to be approved on Stitcher (for Android users) and iTunes (for iTunes users) and will let you know the moment we are! YAY!

Brittany would like to point out that we are 100% amateurs and this is all brand new for us so please be patient as we learn :) We will work on not taking loud breaths before speaking, not laughing so loudly into the microphone and trying our best to not say "um" or "like" haha!

Thank you for supporting us in this new journey! We appreciate your time and hope you enjoy!

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