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Madeline the Cheat

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

by Brooke Gaeta 7/1/2019


Madeline is currently under a lot of stress about her husband Ed discovering her infidelity with a theatre director. Their daughter Abigail knew about the affair and as she and Madeline were talking about the affair and her mother bring a hypocrite, Ed walks in from around the corner. Madeline of course denies that he heard correctly, so then Ed leaves to get his ears checked.

Ed has been maintaining his upset with his wife. He said that he was done, but he’s still there. Barely there, and hanging on by the thinnest snidest thread at that. He has recently behaved snark and sarcastic, maybe as a defense mechanism or simply done and a changed man.

Madeline and Ed are in couples therapy, the same therapist as Celeste and Perry had during their whirlwind of a marriage. Apparently, Madeline witnessed her father’s affair at a very young age and may also be holding on to the regret of not getting a college education. What’s the relevance? Probably, being insecure about marriage and trust as well as feeling lost without much of personal growth and success. As far as Ed having responsibilities regarding his wife‘s betrayal, well, he has none, “he’s fine”.

How many of us are rooting for Madeline and Ed’s marriage to be saved? How many of us are dying to see if Ed and Bonnie swap spouses? What about that grocery store woman with the recent boob job? Remember, she got a boob job as a distraction from her big nose. Distraction is right!

If Ed and Madeline are meant to be, we can only hope they salvage and rebuild on a healthy foundation. Madeline does admit that she is the problem, and let’s hope she can identify it and work on improving herself and getting the hinges tight and right.

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