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Holiday Movies you can watch now!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

I’ve got some holiday movies you can watch this weekend! Along with some other recommendations out now.

You can also listen to our previously released holiday episode here:

2022 Holiday Movies:

Something From Tiffany’s (Prime) Great movie! Really enjoyed this movie from the get-go. Tiffany bags are accidentally switched, one with an engagement ring and the other with earrings, which leads to two paths crossing in this delightful holiday rom-com. Good performances.

Spirited (Apple TV+) Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer a musical take on Charles Dickens’ story. Who knew Ryan Reynolds could sing and dance? I was pleasantly surprised! A very well-done production that is funny and entertaining.

Falling for Christmas (Netflix) A Lindsay Lohan holiday rom-com. She plays a spoiled heiress that is newly engaged and hits her head and gets amnesia. She finds herself being cared for by a widower and his daughter. A bit silly and cliché, but watchable.

Noel Diary (Netflix) An author played by Justin Hartley returns home to settle his mother’s estate and finds a diary. He meets a woman looking for her birth mother, and together they learn the importance of the diary and how it affects both their lives.

Bad Mom's Christmas (Netflix)

Old Favorites:

Christmas Vacation

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

White Christmas

It’s A Wonderful Life

Home Alone

Christmas With The Kranks

Non-Christmas Viewing recommendations:

Wednesday (Netflix)

Firefly Lane S2 (Netflix)

White Lotus S2 (Netflix)

Bullet Train (Netflix)

Ticket To Paradise (Peacock)

Amsterdam (HBO Max)

Falling for Christmas

Credit: Scott Everett White/Netflix

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