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GOT(Game Of Thrones) S8 E3 Spoiler Alert!

This was a super intense episode that had us on pins and needles!

Arya is bad-ass and we love her! She has incredible sword-fighting skills and shoes we covet! Okay, no shoes were mentioned in the actual episode, but we talk about them on the podcast(Episode #40)! Her mantra to death is "not today"! We are so proud of Arya and how she has grown into a brave, skillful, focused young women. Bravo to her for killing the Night King and for saving Bran, Winterfell and all of humanity!!! No, we are not going overboard, she really did!

There was a ferocious battle and we did lose some heroes in this episode. Ser Jorah Mormont died protecting the women he loved, Lyanna Mormont stabbed the giant ice zombie in the eye, as she was crushed to death. Theon Greyjoy found absolution while protecting Bran. Beric Dondarrion and Edd Tollett fought hard to project their friends. Melisandre said goodbye, once her work was done and Viserion, the ice dragon, turned to shards when the Knight King was killed. Whew! Sorry to lose them along with many of the Dothraki and Unsullied Armies.

This was an incredible episode, that had us on the edge of our seats with the moving score and direction. Well done GOT cast and crew!!

Now, onto Kings Landing to find Cersei and remove her from the throne!!

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