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Game of Thrones Series Finale! Season 8 Episode 6

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Brooke Gaeta Posted on June 7, 2019

Well, we made it! After waiting almost two years for the season 8 premier, just like that, it is now over. It seems like in a blink of an eye, it came and it went with so many emotions running through our minds and taken over social media. With so many different views and opinions, the storm of disbelief is as similar to Drogon firing up Kings Landing as is is the Night King and his army annihilating the North in the Great War. With many of us glued to the intensity and loyal to the franchise, we can all rest now and be completely fortunate to have followed this incredible journey and honor this amazing show.

Since the first season, we saw many of the characters evolve into strong characters who fought for what is rightfully theirs, true heir or not. The betrayal among the evolution built up so tremendously that, one day you think you know, and it could be that was the last time one could sneak about, testing resistance.

The Iron Throne is meant for one ruler of all seven kingdoms. Whether the throne was wanted or not, it belongs to someone. Who would ultimately end up ruling? As we know, Daenerys has worked her whole life towards ruling the seven kingdoms. Daenerys was supposed to be a great queen! She fought the Great War to obtain allies, and she did! But we have questions as to her becoming so mad after the death of her friend and adviser, Jorah and the beheading of her loyal handmaiden Missandei. It makes sense of who she becomes, especially after her father is nicknamed named the Mad King. Surely, killing thousands of innocent people by dragon fire is a bit far from the original plan, and after hearing the bells of surrender did not wake her hypnosis of rage. Daenerys Targaryen is a known murderer, with many lives dedicated to her as Queen in which they continue to follow her orders, even if that means to slay prisoners, in what is left of the streets in Kings Landing.

Whatever this rein of terror means to Jon Snow, he is technically true heir to the Iron Throne. Jon refuses to betray his Queen, even though he is warned by those who believe in him. It only changes his judgement when Tyrion makes him feel more aware that the people of Westeros are merely the general public that will be affected by her as Queen, but those he loves. Arya forewarned Jon immediately, following the oppressing speech to the Unsullied Armed Forces. The thought of his sisters and brothers of The North not bending the knee to Queen Daenerys would crush him and whatever honor he has to his family's legacy.

Jon did what he thought was right. He sacrificed Daenerys‘s life for Westeros and the entire world she threatened to conquer. In the moment of their last passionate goodbye, John takes her life in exchange of giving people a chance at life with reason. There would be no reasoning with the Mad Queen, as she completed her ultimate goal in life, that she worked so hard for. Drogon annihilates the iron throne as if, the throne is to blame for the Mother of Dragon’s death.

King Bran the Broken knew exactly what his purpose was. He is the true King destined to the Iron Throne. At last, after the Great War and the war on Kings Landing is finally over, rebuilding a life of quality and equal rights can be Honored. The Starks May have made it through the such hardships, they all go their separate ways. They have a pact, a family pack of direwolves.

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