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FearTWD S6 has been on fire!!!

Wow!!! Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead has been an incredible season! The best one yet! Every single episode has moved the story along and I can't believe we only have one more episode left for this half of the season! It's gone by too quickly. Below is a quick review of the episodes thus far. Please subscribe to our website and check out our podcast episodes on #FearTWD


Episode 1 concentrated on Morgan and man was that good!! I loved the introduction of Isaac and Emile! Great characters. Emile was very intimidating and Issac reminded me a little of Rick. They were well developed characters and incredible actors. Too bad their stay was short lived. Would have been great to see those relationships evolve. Morgan is one bad-ass dude with nine lives!!

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Episode 2 was about Strand and Alicia and entitled "Welcome To The Club". Strand initially assumed he needed Alicia close by to keep him in check, but quickly realized for the old Strand to return, he couldn't have her anywhere near him. Meanwhile, Daniel is back to being a barber and appears to have lost his memory......

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Episode 3 is about Al and Dwight. Wow, this friendship has flourished and it's really nice to see these two and how well they support each other and have each other's backs. This episode was directed by Colman Domingo and I say bravo! The whole episode was amazing, but the ending had a definite impact on me.

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Episode 4 is about John Dorie! At first, John seemed pretty settled into Lawton, but once an incident occurs, its detective Dorie on the case. Unfortunately, Ginny decides an example will need to be made and pins the crime on an easy target. John quickly comes to a realization as memories of his father emerge.

Episode 5 we revisit Dwight and Sherry and soon realize what she has been dealing with. Dwight defends her actions, but is quickly confronted by Morgan. Everyone is on their own path and past traumas play an important role. I am telling you! This past season has been incredible.

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Episode 6 has June trying her darnedest to use her medical skills to save others and make it a better world, until she is confronted by the enemy! Literally!!!! John pleads with June to run away with him, but June is tired of running. What will it mean for these two? Ugh! It's killing me!

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