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Brooke’s Watching War Documentaries

By Brooke Gaeta 10/30/2019

Hello Screens in Focus friends! This past podcast Diana discussed the shows and movies we are watching, aside from The Walking Dead. I wanted to share the titles of the Afghanistan war documentaries that I watched.

First, I would like to say that I am especially interested and have so much compassion for the ones fighting and living amongst the war. War is tragic and those involved, whether they choose to or not, have a much different life and their perspective on life must be an unbelievably difficult journey to live.

In these documentaries, I have been able to widen my depth perception through the lens of amazing story telling and real life footage. For some of the events that I have heard and seen, they give me reason to believe that I personally am living in a bubble. Some might think that it is depressing to hear what people of war have experienced. I can say for myself, these documentaries enlighten my life, and contribute to me having a bigger heart than I had before understanding what it is people are sacrificing. Life is so valuable. We cannot express nor say that enough.

With that said, thank you for supporting our podcast. I hope you are as moved watching these documentaries as I am. I would like to share the documentaries based on the Afghanistan War. Here is what I watched on Amazon Prime; • The Hornets Nest

• Korengal

• No Greater Love


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