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We love these shows and movies! Check out our recommendations :)

Check out podcast episode #102 What We Are Watching here:

Below is our list of TV Show and Movies recommendations. We would love to hear what you are watching and like!


Bridgerton (Netflix)

WandaVision (Disney+)

The Flight Attendant (HBOMax)

Arthur's Law (HBOMax)

Firefly Lane (Netflix)

Two Weeks to Live (HBOMax) Crime Scene: Vanishing at Cecil Hotel (Netflix) Fresh Prince of Bel Air (HBOMax) Mandalorian (Disney+) The Servant (AppleTV) Resident Alien (SYFY) Big Sky (CBS)


The Little Things (HBOMax-Limited run)

Palmer (AppleTV)

Judas and The Black Messiah (HBOMax-Limited run)

Malcolm and Marie (Netflix)

Happy viewing!

Diana and Brooke


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