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Big Little Lies S2 Finale!

The "Monterey Five" are extraordinary strong women! As they each grappled with their own struggles in their lives, they still stayed strong for each other. They showed up! Isn't that what we all hope for? Someone to show up and be there for us, no matter what? Well, that is what they did! ** SPOILERS AHEAD** if you haven't seen the finale. These women showed up in court to support Celeste and they witnessed the horrific video of their friend being beaten by her husband, filmed without knowledge, by one of Celeste's sons. Madeline supported, consoled and uplifted Celeste when she doubted herself as a mother. Celeste confronts Mary Louise in court and exposes her past with bringing up the car accident that killed Perry's brother, while she was driving and puts the blame on him as a young child. In the end, Celeste retains custody of her kids and still shows decency toward her mother-in-law, by suggesting to the kids they go and hug their grandma. Class act for taking the high road Celeste! June is able to move forward in her relationship with Corey with the support of her young son Ziggy encouraging her to open up her heart to what she truly desires. Renata lashes out at her husband, finally putting him in his place for all that he has done to their family and hugging her daughter letting her know everything will be alright. Madeline pleads with Ed to let her know where she stands with him in their marriage and he finally tells her that he wants to renew their vows to what they know they can promise. They have a beautiful quiet private ceremony with their daughters on the beach. Yes! I was hoping they would get back together. Finally, Bonnie comes to terms with her past and tells her mother she loves her. Elizabeth dies and Bonnie realizes what she must do. She tells Nate he is a good dad and husband, but that she doesn't love him. She decides to go to the police station and texts the other women. As she gets out of her car at the police station, she sees all the other women arrive. Together they walk into the police station. Together they will face what is next for each of them. Together they are friends. Together they are the Monterey Five! Let's hope for SEASON 3!!!!!

Podcast episode releasing Tuesday 7/30/19

Posted by Diana L.

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