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We talk Hamilton!

We are so thrilled this is out on Disney+ for all of us to experience!

We were so mesmerized by the performances, the songs, the production and the story. We recommend closed-captioning if you aren't familiar with the soundtrack, but for some this can be distracting, so watch it the way it is most comfortable for you. We were very impressed with this production and moved by the performances and incredibly amazed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and his many talents. The whole cast is exceptional.

Please tune in to podcast episode 89 as we share our favorite moments, what made us laugh and what we hope to leave as "our history" in generations to come. There are spoilers in the podcast, so please watch the movie first!

We would love to hear your thoughts on Hamilton or our episodes, so please feel free to click on our social media above.

Thanks for stopping by!


Diana and Brooke :)

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