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Oh No You Didn't FearTWD!!!!!!

Updated: May 4, 2021


If you haven't seen Fear The Walking Dead S6 E8 "The Door", wait to read any further!!

Noooooo! I am still reeling from this episode. I can't even think straight. I am devastated and heartbroken about the shocking death of one of our favorites! WHY?!?!?! UGH! Speechless at the moment, but had to get my reaction out because it was hitting me hard.

John Dorie is seriously one of my favorite characters and that is why this is so hard to comprehend. I wasn't expecting it at all. So many thoughts running through my head. Thinking how he married the love of his life and then was separated because of Ginny's overtaking. He became a ranger under Ginny's rule and when Cameron's death occurs, he goes into detective mode, but is prevented from solving the case. He is reunited with June, while realizing he needs to get away from Ginny and her group because "This Place Destroys Everything".

John leaves and goes to his cabin and feels he isn't made for this new world, but before he can follow through on his plan, Morgan and Dakota appear on his path. Morgan does everything he can to get John to go with them, but can't seem to get through to him. He even tells him how important he is to him and ends up betraying his friendship to hopefully help save his friend's life, but nothing seems to work. Dakota even tells him how much she likes him and wants him to join them right up until the knife that killed Cameron is discovered. Insert WTF moment! Dakota doesn't fall far from the tree.

At this moment, I thought, wait, he still has a chance, yes he was shot at close range and she pushed him into the river, but I kept thinking he can make it, right? Then we see him fall to the bottom of the river and he reaches toward the pic of him and his father and has a realization and comes up out of the water and climbs on top of a door and floats down the river and says to himself "It's not too late". YES! Finally, he gets it!!!! When June spots him and she goes running toward him, I thought, wow, he landed right where he should be. Then he groans and looks at her and she hesitates, I thought nooooo, that can't be right! He is just groggy, but then he kept reaching for her with walker growls and then she has to do the most heartbreaking act of stabbing him in the head............... tears streaming down my face.

June will be looking to honor her love, her husband, John Dorie and I look forward to seeing that, but I hope she takes care and doesn't lose herself.

Morgan is bringing Dakota along at the behest of Alicia, but will that change with the loss of his best friend?

The Walking Dead Universe is so special and although its all fictional, these actors are so amazing and bring these characters to life and that's why we get so attached!

Thank you Garret Dillahunt. RIP John Dorie!

I'll be sharing more thoughts on this episode in podcast #111 releasing in a couple of weeks.

Here are some links about the episode:

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