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Latinx Films to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

I am really excited to share what I consider some amazing films and TV series that can be watched at any time, but are of special significance during National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15).

These movies and TV shows highlight Latinx history, experiences, achievements and contributions. They are full of heart, passion, pride and determination. Proud of my heritage and proud to share this list with you!

Watch this weekend! Enjoy :)

Selena (HBOMax) Jennifer Lopez shines in this biographical drama about Tejano superstar, Selena Quintanilla, that documents her music career, love for her family, drive for the American dream and her untimely death. The soundtrack is also amazing!

Selena: The Series (Netflix) Christian Serratos(from The Walking Dead) stars as Selena. The Quntanilla family is involved in the Netflix series with Suzette, Selena’s sister, as executive producer.

Y Tu Mamá También (Prime Video) A coming of age film with two teen-age boys and an older woman who take a road trip through Mexico with the backdrop of the country’s political and economic realities. Directed by Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuaron.

Coco (Disney+) Disney/Pixar film about a 12 year old boy, Miguel, who is transported accidentally to the Land of the Dead during Día de los Muertos. It’s a beautiful coming-of-age tale about learning from our elders.

In The Heights (Disney+) A fun vibrant musical telling the story of a corner in the predominantly Dominican Washington Heights neighborhood in NYC, where every member of the community pursues their dreams of a better life. Based on the stage musical by Quiara Alegria Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Roma (Netflix), A beautiful black and white film written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. It follows the life of a live-in housekeeper of a middle-class family, It’s a personal portrait of the women who raised Cuarón, and it’s handled with the utmost care. A cinematic experience with Academy Awards wins for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Cinematography and Best Director.

Like Water for Chocolate (Hulu) 1992 Mexican romantic drama film in the style of magical realism based on the novel, published by first time Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel. The film is directed by Alfonso Arau.

Real Women Have Curves (HBOMax), a coming of age film with America Ferreira as Ana Garcia, first generation Mexican- American girl struggling with family expectations and following her own path. Directed by Patricia Cardoso.

Frida (HBOMax/Hulu) Salma Hayek stars as Frida Kahlo, a 2002 biopic which depicts the professional and private life of the surrealist Mexican artist.

Stand and Deliver (HBOMax/Hulu) Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos star in this Oscar-nominated 1988 film about a teacher trying to make a difference.

La Bamba (Amazon) I saw this biopic when it first came out and has stuck with me as a favorite!! Mexican American teen, Ritchie Valens (Lou Diamond Phillips), becomes an overnight sensation in 1958 with his hit “Donna” and later “La Bamba’ while he faces discrimination, sibling jealousy and haunting dreams. His brother is played by Esai Morales.

On My Block (Netflix) I have not seen this myself, but Brooke recommends this series and I plan to start it this weekend. “This series centers on four friends navigating high school in South Central Los Angeles. From gang encounters to love triangles, the coming-of-age show spotlights rising talent. “


Diana and Brooke

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