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GOT (Game of Thrones) Season 8 Episode 1 Reunions!

We noticed so many reunions this episode! This episode was so exciting because we have waited so long for the new season to release. There was about a year and a half from season 7 to season 8 and we are so glad to have a GOT Sunday night!

With all the reunions that were showcased this past episode, many of the characters have not seen each other since Season 1! For example, Bran has been through so much from being pushed out a window by Jaime Lannister to losing Hodor to becoming almost a man, a Three Eyed Raven. We had no idea how Bran would react when he reunites with Jaime. Jaime has become a different person from that experience and we look forward to what lengths Jaime will go to redeem himself!

Arya Stark is also another character who has been waiting to see Jon Snow again. The last time they saw each other Arya was little girl aspiring to become a knight! Look how far she has come with Needle, a gift from Jon the last time they saw each other in Season 1. Will Jon be pleasantly surprised to see how strong Arya is and will he wonder how she got this far? They have an adorable relationship and let's see how he will protect her from harms way, or how she will protect him for that matter!

With all the reunions happening and having to face a threat to humanity, this season needless to say is already so exciting and has many viewers and fans hanging on to the edge of our seats! As, we get further into the final season we can only anticipate the hypnosis the writer's will have over fans across the world. Thank you to the production team for keeping GOT R-E-A-L!

Who will sit on the Iron Throne??

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