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50+ TV & Movies you can watch this weekend!

Wondering what to watch next? We can help you with that! We’ve watched all of these TV shows and Movies and can recommend them to you. From Drama to Horror, MCU to DC Comics, Reality TV to Oscar-nominated films. We’ve got you covered!

These TV show and Movie recommendations are from our podcast episodes 142-150. The episode link is listed after the TV/Movie recommendations.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy your weekend!

Episode 142 TV/Movie Recommendations:

Mare of Easttown (HBOMax)

1883 (Paramount+)

Yellowstone (Paramount Network)

Amazing Race (CBS & Hulu)

CODA (AppleTV)

King Richard (HBOMax)

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings (Disney+)

This is Us Season 6 (NBC)

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video)

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window (Netflix)

Episode 143 TV/Movie Recommendations:

Suspicion (AppleTV+)

Severance (AppleTV+)

Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix)

Licorice Pizza

Euphoria S2 (HBOMax)

Peacemaker (HBOMax)

Gilded Age (HBOMax)

American Idol

No Exit (Hulu)

Episode 144 TV/Movie Recommendations:

See (AppleTV +)

FBI ( Paramount/NBC)

The Kings Man ( Hulu)

Love is Blind Season 2( Netflix)

Drive My Car (HBO Max)

Nightmare Alley (HBO Max)

Episode 145 Oscar-Nominated Films:



Don’t Look Up

Drive My Car


King Richard

Licorice Pizza

Nightmare Alley

The Power of the Dog

West Side Story - Ep. 139

Episode 146 TV/Movie Recommendations:

Survivor S42 (CBS/Hulu)

Top Chef S19 Houston Texas

The Adam Project (Netflix)

The Batman (InTheatres)

Episode 147 TV/Movie Recommendations:

We Crashed (AppleTV+)

355 (DVD)

Temptation Island (USA Network)

Phoenix Rising (HBO Max)

Mortal (Prime Video)

Episode 148 TV/Movie Recommendations:

The News Reader (Hulu)

Black Crab (Netflix)

The Oscars 2022 (CBS)

Episode 149 TV/Movie Recommendations:

Slow Horses (AppleTV+)

Spider-Man No Way Home

Bridgerton Season 2 (Netflix)

Quiet Place Part II (Paramount+)

Episode 150 TV/Movie Recommendations:

The Closer (Lifetime/Philo)

Home Economics (Hulu)

61st Street (AMC/Philo)

Small Town Crime (Netflix)

Moon Knight (Disney+)

Death On The Nile (HBOMax)

Happy TV viewing!


Bridgerton Season 2 (Netflix)

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