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🌟🎬 2024 Oscar Noms are out! 🏆✨ Best Picture Nominees Revealed!

Updated: Jan 24

Oscar fever is here! The Academy Awards nominations have been announced, and the Best Picture category is stealing the spotlight. Below, you'll find my thoughts on the films I've seen (first 4), along with a complete list of the nominated movies.

👸 Barbie: A die-hard fan here! Greta Gerwig's direction is pure magic – the set design and performances are a visual feast. Kudos to Margot Robbie, not just as Barbie but also the genius producer behind this gem. America Ferrera's empowering speech is a beacon, making women feel heard and validated. A must-watch for its profound impact!

🌸 Killers of the Flower Moon: Lily Gladstone's presence in the lead role is awe-inspiring, and Martin Scorcese's direction is nothing short of phenomenal. The film is a beautiful and impactful exploration of history.

🎻 Maestro: While beautifully made and expertly acted, it didn't quite take the top spot among the ones I watched, ranking at number four. The performances are still miraculous, with the cast embodying real people. Leonard Bernstein's complicated life is portrayed with utmost respect, offering a glimpse into the complexities of love, commitment, and friendship.

💡 Oppenheimer: Cinematography and storytelling that leave you in awe. The performances are mesmerizing, and the film is a gripping journey that teaches and captivates.

🤔 Poor Things: Get ready for a laugh riot! Emma Stone shines in this dark comedy that's garnering major nods. Can't wait to experience the comedic brilliance!

🎭 American Fiction: A title that intrigues, looking forward to exploring the narrative.

🍂 Anatomy of a Fall: Curious about the fall and the storytelling it unveils.

🎥 The Holdovers: Promises to keep us engaged, looking forward to the cinematic experience.

🕰️ Past Lives: A journey into the past, a love story? I am dying to watch this one!

🌐 The Zone of Interest: An interesting title that hints at a unique storyline.

📝 Quick Take: The first four films have left an indelible mark on me. Stay tuned for deeper insights as I catch up on the rest. We'll have an Oscar preview podcast!! 🎥🍿

'Anatomy of a Fall', 'Barbie', 'Oppenheimer' and 'Killers of the Flower Moon'

Neon; Warner Bros; Apple Original Films; Universal

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